This is simply a more economical suspension grip that preserves as much performance as possible. These grips are equipped with a Shock Absorbing Elastomer that puts you in the Medium-Soft tuning range without the use of tuning washers.
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This grip is different than any other grip because it  DOES NOT make contact with your Handlebar.  The Inner Diameter of the Grip is approximately 1/8 of an inch larger than the Outside Diameter of the handlebar.   This unique design allows the Grip to work independent from your handlebar and isolated from shock and vibration.  Tuning washers are used to customize feel and performance from ultra soft to ultra firm and anywhere in between.


Everything listed below is included in the box.  

- (2) Grip Sleeves   

- (4) Black Anodized Aluminum Clamps   

- (18) Shock Absorbing Inserts

- (2) Aluminum Bar End Assemblies   

- (5) Clamp Screws    

- * no washers in 'Race' Series ( can be purchased separately ) 

- Detailed Instructions  

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