Applies to all Norco E-bikes
Article number: battery

Live to Play Sports / Norco Bikes is a proud member of the first industrywide e-bike battery recycling program, administered by Call2Recycle, the largest, most reliable battery recycling program in the U.S., and endorsed by PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade association.

LTP / Norco have united with more than 40 bike industry leaders to voluntarily support this first of its kind, nationwide initiative to ensure batteries are safely and responsibly managed at their end-of-life.

Effective March 1, 2022 LTP / Norco will begin charging a $15.00 ERF (Environmental Recycling Fee) on the sale of all new e-bike batteries, included with the bike or as an individual item. The ERF’s collected by LTP Sports are directly remitted to Call2Recycle monthly to fund the e-bike battery recycling program

The ERF is intended to be passed to the end consumer and is not subject to provincial or federal taxes.