New Bike Purchase from Kinetik Cycles

Congratulations on purchasing a new bike from Kinetik Cycles!

Here you will find useful information about what’s included with your purchase and how to keep up with maintenance so your bike runs smoothly all the time!


Bike Registration:  Our bicycle brands offer anywhere from 3 years - Lifetime warranty on frames.  But you have to register them on their websites.  Please register your bike within 30 days from purchase date in order to have the warranty valid and make the process fast and efficient.  At bottom of page you will find the links to our brands.

20% off on parts/accessories:  You will receive 20% off Reg. prices (not from already marked down prices or sale prices) on parts* and accessories for 45 days from the date of purchase.   *There are some exceptions (wheel sets, suspensions, car racks, RideWrap, etc) 

First Tune-up: Detailed Tune-up should be done after about the first 10-15 hours of riding.  This service will be free of charge the first time.  New bikes have a wear-in period and everything should be checked, torqued and adjusted.  You will need to leave your bike with us for at least a day or two so we can thoroughly inspect everything.  Please email or call us to make an appointment. 

1 year Goodwill Service: This service is comprised of the Essential Tune-up for 1 year from the purchase date to the original owner. Should a bike need any service/parts beyond what the Essential Tune offers; this will be at cost to the customer. In the case that a more comprehensive service package is requested/required the value of the Essential tune will be discounted from the price.

Service Appointment: Please email [email protected] in a week advance to book an appointment especially during busy months (March-October)

Kids Bike Trade-in Program: When you buy a kids' bike from us, you can bring it back within three years and get up to 50% of what you paid depending on the condition in shop credit towards next size bike.


Need more information?

Here are more useful information to keep your bike running smoothly!

Chain Wear: Worn out chains will not only break easily but also will wear the rest of the drivetrain components such as the chainrings, cassette and pulley wheels a lot quicker. It is best to measure the chain wear and replace it before it's too late. 

Cable Stretch: Cable tension needs to be adjusted from time to time as housings compress.  Eventually cables and housings need replacing when there's too much resistance between them or when housings have become too frayed.

Cross-chaining: When you are in your big front chainring and the biggest cog on your back cassette, or in your small chainring and your smallest cog is called cross-chaining.  This stretches your chain diagonally to its limits often breaking under the load, thus it is best to avoid and find alternative gear ratio.

Brake Pad Wear: Generally disc brake pads need to be replaced when there's less than 1mm of pad material left.  If worn too closely to the backing plate it could damage the rotor and also cause caliper pistons to stick too far out causing issues later.  Rim brake pads will often have a wear line where it needs to be replaced.

Suspension Overhauls: Manufactures recommend suspension to be overhauled every 50 and 100hrs of use (not necessarily hours on the bike but hours of working the suspension). 50hr service consist of replacing oil in lowers and dust seals if needed.  100hr service consists of 50hr service plus damper rebuild.  Think of it as an oil change on a car; if left too long it will damage the internals and stanchions which will end up costing 4-5 times as much.

Dropper Care: Just like suspension needs overhaul, droppers will eventually need a rebuild however not as often as suspension.  Also, it is not recommended to lift the bike up by the saddle when dropper is compressed.

Pivot Overhauls: On average, every pivot bearing/bushing on a full suspension bike will need to be replaced at least once in 1-2 years.  A lot of factors contribute to this but often, riding on wet/muddy days, pressure washing will cause the pivots to wear out faster.


Have more questions?  email us and we will try to answer your questions as best as we can!


Links to our brands:  

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