The Chilcotin 167 has more front and rear suspension so that you can take bigger hits, steeper lines and push the limits of your riding. It will roll fast and plow through the gnar with ease.
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Our new ride features 29’er wheels, updated geo (the last Chilcotin was a 26er!), our industry leading patented Fourby4 suspension and two suspension travel options for when you need to push your performance to the next level. The Chilcotin is ready to race enduro and tough enough for large freeride hits.

The Chilcotin uses our most advanced Fourby4 suspension technology and delivers the highest quality of suspension travel available, with a fully progressive curve that will easily manage the biggest hits while maintaining initial sensitivity and Knolly’s acclaimed mid stroke support. 

The back end of the bike has been lengthened slightly compared to our trail and freeride models to increase high speed stability. Like all our bikes, braking traction is best in class with a reduced impact that rear brake activation has on the suspension movement, while maximizing speed through the most challenging terrain. And our legendary pedalling traction is fine-tuned to ensure consistent pedaling performance - even in jank - so you can get on the gas whenever you need to eliminate another second off your time.