We build bikes that we want to ride, the Minor Threat is no exception (we just built this one for our kids!).
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When we first decided to make a kids bike, the idea was simple. Why not put everything the grown-ups want, into a pint sized equivalent. Queue: The Minor Threat.

Nothing about this bike is a cheap imitation of your mum or dad's bike, The Minor Threat is the real deal. From the 4-bar suspension layout to the leverage ratio painstakingly tuned for the lighter rider. Or the flip-chip adjustable geometry, low standover, and ample room for a dropper seatpost, nothing about this bike will slow you down (apart from the chomping G2 brakes). The parts spec is equally as impressive. RockShox suspension tuned specifically for this kinematic and rider weight, Maxxis Minion's and not to mention decked out with the finest Chromag kit.  Hell it's even got a 12 speed Eagle drivetrain, this bike might actually be better than your folks' bike.

The Minor Threat comes in two sizes, S1 (24") and S2 (26"), both with adjustable geo to suit your needs. The 140/150mm platform is aimed at a variety of park, trail and jump riding, with progressive geometry that makes the