2015 FOX 32 FLOAT 27.5/120 CTDK 1.5T (OUT OF BOX)

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The 32 Fox Float 120 CTD Evo is the kind of fork you want controlling the front end of your bike. The Fox Float EVO uses an air spring, which reduces the overall weight and is pressure adjustable. With 120mm of buttery smooth travel, add the Fox 32 Float EVO to your trail bike and you’ll have a rock-solid setup for adventuresome mountain biking. Roll down steep terrain, mow over rock gardens, and bomb through singletrack. To put it simply, tackle anything that comes your way.

With CTD adjustments at the ready, the Fox 32 Float CTD Evo can be quickly and easily configured to attack the trail that ahead. CTD Technology is simple to use and allows you a wide range of adjustability on the trail. CTD is short for Climb, Trail, and Descend. This three position on-the-fly system provides three distinct compression dampen settings that you’d typically need on an average mountain bike ride. CTD is extremely useful on trails with diverse terrain. The rider is quickly able to flip the lever between the three positions to ensure the perfect amount of rebound for any trail situation.

Climb mode uses the firmest low-speed compression, which maximizes pedaling efficiency and has minimal suspension movement to reduce pedal-bob, a useful tool when climbing. Internally, the oil flow is restricted, and can only flow through the Climb port, which limits the suspension’s movement. In the event of a hard impact, the spring loaded blow-off valve will allow the damper to go into its travel. Trail mode provides an optimal blend of pedaling efficiency and control on variable terrain. The oil flow is opened to the mid and high speed compression shim stack. Descend mode provides the rider with the most active suspension. Descend mode is an optimized low-speed compression setting which provides the perfect balance of control and plushness for steep, aggressive descents. Oil is able to flow through the high, mid, and low speed ports. CTD is easily controlled by switching the dial on the crown of the fork. This quick and easy adjustment allows the rider to control their suspension without having to leave the saddle. Climb, Trail, and Descend technology will change the way you ride, making it quicker and easier for you to adapt your bike to the terrain ahead.


  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Intended Use: XC
  • Travel: 120mm
  • 9mm QR 1 1/8 steerer claimed weight: - 3.71lb / 1680g
  • 15mm axle taper steerer claimed weight: - 3.92lb / 1780g
  • Air Spring Pressure Adjust
  • CTD Technology
  • Rebound Adjust
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