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Firstly and most importantly—35. As in 35mm clamp. This new, larger clamp size adds strength and stiffness to compensate for the added leverage of a wide DH handlebar. In other words, wider is weaker unless the clamp is beefed up. Can you imagine snapping a handlebar on a gnarly section of DH singletrack? Not pretty.

Secondly—225. As in grams. That’s not a typo. Careful manipulation of the carbon fiber makes it possible for Easton to make a wide, oversized DH bar weigh, incredibly, less than half a pound. Easton claims that this is the strongest, stiffest bar in the business, and we have no reason to doubt that.

Thirdly—800. That’s 800mm wide. That’s really wide. For years now, DH riders have known that wide bars add stability and steering leverage. The payoff is huge, especially in technical sections where the bike has to be punched around in a hurry.

So, lighter, stronger, stiffer … you’re probably wondering about the drawback. It’s $1,000,000. No, not really. The Easton Havoc 35 Carbon has a 9 degree bend, 5 degree upsweep, and 20mm rise. The clamp diameter is 35mm, and it comes in any color you want, as long as you want black.

TECH SPECSMaterial:carbon fiberDiameter:35 mmRise:20mmRecommended Use:downhill, all mountainActual Weight:Carbon, 35: 224g

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