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Phoenix is a breath of fresh air in a stale world of plain vanilla rackery. Here is what makes the Phoenix racks that something more:


Our designers took special consideration to the shape and details that are put into the Phoenix racks. Take the Phoenix DLX for example; the top platform of the rack is made from a UV-treated multi-ply wood deck with burned logos for style and cutaways for bag hardware for functionality.  The other racks feature custom shaped powder-coated decks with laser etched logos. Unique mounting systems help to maintain clean lines and hide the hardware that usually looks lumpy and awkward on most bag carrying apparatus.


The Phoenix racks will let you carry loads up to 20kg (44lbs) for the front racks, up to 35kg (77lbs) – 40kg (88lbs) for the rear racks. Built with custom formed aluminum tubing to make sure they don’t lose any of the functionality you would normally expect from a pannier rack. ON the higher end racks you also get  20.4 oval to 10.2 round, custom-formed aluminum stays which add strength and flow to the design.

Just because you want to get a pannier rack doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the same old, same old. The Phoenix series provides an excellent, stylish and functional addition to a bicycle. Carry stuff and keep your bike looking good while you do it. No more ugo-racks taking away from a beautiful ride, because no one likes ugo-racks.

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